Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yes, to all of you it has been a while since I have had the time to update and post on the blog. Doug was a true friend, a wonderful human, and a kind soul. He had a heart of gold and was willing to help anyone with any project. He fought a strong fight and never gave in. His family was at his side and Doug had a peaceful death with all the dignity he deserved. He was an active part of the town of Calvert, and his participation in the community will be missed. He was as active a Junker at the end as he ever was and will be missed at the next edition of Warrenton round up. His dry humor was his strongest asset and will be missed, you never would know what he was going to say or what piece of wisdom he would impart. He has gone to the eternal junk festival and will continue his search for the ultimate deal.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Garage sale items

These are what I could not get in my car.

Here are the pictures of the sale items from Sunday, I found..

1. Set red domino's

2. Set of black wooden domino's

3.Two mirrors off three mirror dresser

4.30 hats, not real old but for a dollar? some have great florals, I can pull off.

5. Blue Bonnet painting.

6. 8 lace over dresses, in various sizes, some childrens.

7. One half of an R2D2 storage can filled with sheet music, from the 40's till 70's .

8. Old Kodak camera and case.

9. 2 umbrellas from a photo studio.

10. A gold plated early 1900's gold bar pin.

11. A small cloche.

12. Wooden cigar box, for choclate cigars.

13. A vintage ruffled blouse.

14.Antique Roadshow Primer.
15. Small ironstone plate with great mark on back...

I figured out that some of this stuff, was from a photographer that did romantic style photos, it was a storage unit sale, units that didnt pay the rent, it was a fun sale but, I will also show what I could not get into my truck.. I love seeing what other people find hope you do too.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Garage sale finds

I stopped at a storage building sale, on the way back home, I had a load, but I could not stop my self, I bought a number of things, my truck was so full I just tucked things in every nook and cranny! The two men that were having the sale wer amazed how much i already had and how I got the rest in. In defense of my self, I have three things to deliver near here for a dealer in SS.

I will post pictures of my load and treasures after my husband leaves for an outing at the shooting range.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Places and Faces

I needed to take a load of things to the store in Sulfur Springs to refill my booth after the Christmas rush, I had a good month I was very pleasantly surprised. The owners of the Town Square Antique Mall in quaint downtown Sulphur Springs ; Tony and Marjorie Martin, said that December was a good month for antiques. The dealers I spoke with were very happy with their sales. I try to go to the mall once a month, to restock, and have a long weekend with, my friends in the area, I lived up that way for a short time, and made many good friends. On my way I stopped in at Curious Goods in Malakoff, a favorite place with some really clever ideas for using vintage items! To see Donna and pick up a purchase for my friend Patti of A Delighted Heart. Please check out Donna's neat stuff.

When I finished there, I went down the street to where Junk Palace is opening her new shop, I can't give away any secrets, and my camera, was lost in my truck, buried under my latest load of bird nest's still on limbs that my sweet husband risked life and limb for (really) to fetch, for me. He was a top a 6 ft ladder in the back of his 250 ford, reaching with a limb lopper, while the wind was gusting around 25 miles an hour, he was scratched and bruised, and not a happy camper, while he was perched atop this ladder risking his neck for me. During this a woman approched him to come see, why her car would not start, she had the key in upside down, it was a rental. I forgot to add my husband is 6ft4in and not a small boy, he did climb up in one tree for a prize specimen that I spotted just a little higher.

Back to my travels, it is really hard to keep on track, with my attention span of a gnat. I entered the soon to be fabulous shop of Junk Palace, introduced myself as AJUNKQUEEN and the rest is history, not quite so dramatic you see, I always name drop THERESA CANO sent me, that opens most door's wide! Lillie the lovely, owner invited me in and gave me a tour of the upcoming treasure chest, I said my good byes and met up with Tony Martin and we headed to Jo Harmons of Imagine located in Hunt County Trade Days in Quinlin Texas, she has an amazing eye for design, and has fabulous finds using creams whites, and rusty crusty things. Liz from Lone Oak is also in same trade area give these girls a look see.
Tony and I also made some other visits and fun finds at The PinK Flamingo on the main route thru town, and Chic and Tique, the room style arrangements, and color groupings were a treat to look at! There are more shops on this strip through town it is a worth while stop, we were on our way again this time to Primitives in Poetry, owned by Mindy of same blog title it was a treat, she has a wide selection on of varied inventory, I noticed three clocks, checked her blog after arriving home, she said some one bought them from the blog site Mindy is located in Jacks Feedstore in Terrell, go see her..
I will show what few pictures of my booth once I got it arranged two times, just finished, stood back and a lady said I really dont want to upset you but I want to buy your Harvest table, I had found my camera, snapped a few shots and had to borrow a table from Tony and start again, but that's what we do!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

redecorating by dog

I don't have human children to talk about so I will show you what my big dog, did to my freshly made bed! I spent all day cleaning putting away Christmas items, and changing to my winter bedroom decor, I went back a hour or so later, when I missed the big lug, and there he was in the middle of the bed . {note the cat is in this shot, she was on the bed also]

He made himself quite comfortable, on the toile pillows, he had to rest his head, it gets so heavy.

He is ten years old and runs our lives, he is at my elbow now telling me he's starving, so I guess I better go feed him! Hope you enjoyed seeing Zoobie in his element.

He was from Giant Schnauzer resue, we got him when he was 7 weeks old weighed 17 pounds, he is a most likely, a mix of Irish Wolf Hound and Giant Schnauzer, he is much larger than the standards of the GS.

He may be one if the sweetest animals, I have ever known he has no malice, everyone to him is a potential head scratcher.

Monday, December 29, 2008

My oil paintings

this one I found at a garage sale in California, it had sat out all night and was damp, this picture was painted by the mother of the person having the sale, there were several stacks of paintings I only got 2. They were pretty popular.
Found this one and another mountain scene for 25 dollars, sold the mountain one.

this was 15 at a sale down the street from me in Carlsbad, Ca

Bought this one at an auction for 17, it's a big rock!

Group garage sale 10 dollars, it is mounted inside a shadow box. I still have many more. one painted by a fellow blogger, who is a talented artist as well as a great writer.