Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A visit to Found Around / Fred's World

On a recent trip to the Hill Country we had a chance to visit Andy and Susan of Found Around. They shared their family and 10 acres of Freds World, where they are turning a former Army warehouse into a home. My camera battery died, so I had to take these shots of the area with my cell phone.

An Outside Living area of Fred's World

More room outside!!

This is the Bucket tree a hill country exclusive

This is going to be a table someday. Andy has the eye of an artist, the dreams of a cowboy, and the skills and abiltiies for both. Susan is supportive of their dreams, and Andy too.

This represents what happens in the Hill Country for stuff that stays a little too long. It is a metal vulture at the trough.

This is Andy and Susan's grand baby who won a blue ribbon for best cow at the Halloween Carnival that was held in town.

I look forward to more road trips, hearing from you, and seeing more of this grow.