Sunday, August 24, 2008

A quick note from the blogger helper

It is not as much hating the junk as it is practing moving it. Some of the fabulous buys in the garage have changed places more frquently than I change underwear. I subscribe to the "make it easy plan" yes, where would you like this moved to? Now I need to work on her attaching images and text, with oh yea, there is furniture waiting in the garage to move. But as much as I dislike the clutter and moving stuff, I love her so that is what happens.......
Ajunkqueens donkey

Saturday, August 23, 2008

This is all I can stand to post right now, my helper is getting cranky. By the way he hates the junk

This is a chair that underwent a transformation in my laboratory.......

There actually is a pair, and it was my first foray into making slipcovers

the real me.

I am now writing, on this blog thing, I have forced or shamed into having a blog. I am being made to enter the computer world, but it is going to be kicking and screaming. I type just like I talk; no breaks, comma or any thing that resembles grammar. And my thoughts racing just like the words will be. I will be posting mostly pictures and little written word. I have been trying to hire Cher aka The Texas Woman, she is author, of a real book and it is about Texas, it has real chapters and everything, just no pictures.

Almost a year ago a friend of mine named Patti, from Sulphur Springs told me about this computer site called something like antiques from the garden, I nodded and said great! Knowing full well that was not ever going to go there. I would not even talk on the CB radio when they came out, that would be pre cell phone. Last spring at Warrenton a pair of shoppers said”We saw your booth on Theresa Cano’s blog!!” I nodded and thought to my self, they must be nuts or I really did a good job copying somebody’s Ideas, from some where, but then the next day two southern belles (Lulu and Lauri from Chippy’s ) appeared in my booth clutching a picture of MY BOOTH!! And they told me of Theresa. I said I had no idea when she took the pictures. Until she showed up in my booth, and introduced herself. I now think of all the times I did not go to Garden Antqs blog.
I now have become a fan of hers on line and in person, she truly is a gifted designer and reporter for all that is happening in and around the Texas antique world.

A warning to all you non Texans, The market in Texas is different than any other place I have ever sold, the unusual is the usual, and believe me Texas has it going on!!

Here are a few pictures from my collections both past and present

My world

This is Zoobie, our 130 pound lap dog. We say he is a West TX crap hound. He actually is supposed to be a Giant Schnauzer, more giant, than schnauzer. We got him as a rescue, he has the body of a giant, and the heart of a human. He wants to be where ever the people are and a part of the action. He is in his favorite place, squashing the couch, playing the part of a reindeer.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ok, Here goes (with a little help) I am going to start on this blog thing. This is part of my disease, share yours