Tuesday, December 30, 2008

redecorating by dog

I don't have human children to talk about so I will show you what my big dog, did to my freshly made bed! I spent all day cleaning putting away Christmas items, and changing to my winter bedroom decor, I went back a hour or so later, when I missed the big lug, and there he was in the middle of the bed . {note the cat is in this shot, she was on the bed also]

He made himself quite comfortable, on the toile pillows, he had to rest his head, it gets so heavy.

He is ten years old and runs our lives, he is at my elbow now telling me he's starving, so I guess I better go feed him! Hope you enjoyed seeing Zoobie in his element.

He was from Giant Schnauzer resue, we got him when he was 7 weeks old weighed 17 pounds, he is a most likely, a mix of Irish Wolf Hound and Giant Schnauzer, he is much larger than the standards of the GS.

He may be one if the sweetest animals, I have ever known he has no malice, everyone to him is a potential head scratcher.

Monday, December 29, 2008

My oil paintings

this one I found at a garage sale in California, it had sat out all night and was damp, this picture was painted by the mother of the person having the sale, there were several stacks of paintings I only got 2. They were pretty popular.
Found this one and another mountain scene for 25 dollars, sold the mountain one.

this was 15 at a sale down the street from me in Carlsbad, Ca

Bought this one at an auction for 17, it's a big rock!

Group garage sale 10 dollars, it is mounted inside a shadow box. I still have many more. one painted by a fellow blogger, who is a talented artist as well as a great writer.

more paintings

This a very favorite one found it in Texas. The Blue Bonnets would be a big give away.

this one was 3 dollars, before daylight at a garage sale

I love this one and payed more than I should have

Got this one in Illinois

In Vista California at street fair

I cant figure out how to stack more photos, but I will keep trying!

Oil Paintings I have found.

I am showing some of the oil paintings I have found in my travels, most were below 25.00

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Junk Queens back porch

I am going to show my newly screened in back porch. I have always loved wicker, and anything red.

I love this Bird Seed sign

Monday, December 15, 2008

Snowy night

My big dog did not want to go out in the snow. Here he is telling me no way is he going out!

Here's the snowy tracks, when he finally went outside with urging only!

and now back inside warm and toasty,in his favorite spot on a human.

Friday, December 12, 2008


I have been trying my hand at slipcovers,I had done the 2 chairs now I did the foot stool, a practice one for a chaise I bought I used an old duvet cover so not to ruin the fabric I have saved for a project.

I am adding a few more pictures of my booth, mostly am practicing blogging!

New Stuff

I redecorated my Booth in Sulfur Springs. It looks fall like but have love affair going on with these muted colors.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A visit to Found Around / Fred's World

On a recent trip to the Hill Country we had a chance to visit Andy and Susan of Found Around. They shared their family and 10 acres of Freds World, where they are turning a former Army warehouse into a home. My camera battery died, so I had to take these shots of the area with my cell phone.

An Outside Living area of Fred's World

More room outside!!

This is the Bucket tree a hill country exclusive

This is going to be a table someday. Andy has the eye of an artist, the dreams of a cowboy, and the skills and abiltiies for both. Susan is supportive of their dreams, and Andy too.

This represents what happens in the Hill Country for stuff that stays a little too long. It is a metal vulture at the trough.

This is Andy and Susan's grand baby who won a blue ribbon for best cow at the Halloween Carnival that was held in town.

I look forward to more road trips, hearing from you, and seeing more of this grow.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Halfway there

The Travel trailer is in place, the BIG tent is up. Most of my inventory is there, not displyed, but ready to go. There were even early buyers out and about. Gas and food are available, all we need is you. My buddie Theresa is coming this week to spend a couple days in the field, and to sell her great stuff at Zapp Hall. Be sure to look for us on Porta-Potty row at the Bar -W field.


Monday, September 8, 2008

A view of Town Square Mall

These are some pictures of the mall where I have a space. It is in Sulphur Springs Texas. Owners are Tony and Marjorie Martin. They have around 20 dealers. They have a good mix of items and is known for their good country inventory. I try to get up there once a month to change my booth around and attend Bright Star auction .


Enjoy this sampling of the store.